About Us

Who we are!

The BeepTool solution is an innovative rural satellite and Integrated TV whitespace connectivity network that enables robust, low-cost broadband and digital services for a large number of users with a specific focus in Africa, beginning in Nigeria. The solution is designed to support many services that improve the well-being of citizens, especially in rural communities.

BeepTool is a disruptive Africa-based satellite & TV White Space-based connectivity as a service and an Integrated digital inclusion ecosystem such as Telehealth, Digital Farmers and consumer marketplace, mobile payments, messaging and voice ecosystem apps providing affordable digital inclusions services to millions of people in remote and rural areas in Africa and beyond who lack access to the digital economy and are digitally excluded and underserved in area of financial, healthcare, Aggrotech, EdTech and communication services to connect the unconnected, excluded and underserved communities across Nigeria and Africa. Affordable Internet Connectivity for Unconnected and Excluded Community in Africa via Satellite and TV White-Space as a Service and Digital Inclusion Ecosystem.

BeepTool provides affordable remote broad connectivity, healthcare, aggrotech, and financial services to millions of people in remote areas in Africa without access to cellular or internet connectivity.

We have manufactured affordable android smartphones called OYI-1 and Android Tablets called ABOLE pre-installed with our digital inclusion ecosystem low data rate apps. We have also designed and manufactured Solar powered, and satellites enabled Telehealth remote mobile stations for a rural community in Africa. Our affordable solar-powered satellites and Integrated TV whitespace terminals broadcast Wi-Fi Hotspot to the excluded community allowing excluded users to access the web using mobile applications. BeepTool is connecting everyone in Africa using satellites network and TV white space spectrum with digital solutions.

Building on its integrated mobile platforms and satellite-based connectivity systems, BeepTool is creating an ecosystem of service-on-demand products, ranging from telehealth to financial services, messaging, Aggrotech, micro-lending, video chat, video conferencing, and VoIP, among others. Affordable Internet Connectivity for Everyone: Save up to 90% on costs compared to cabling bills, and more. Super Wifi. Connect on the Go: Connect entire villages, communities, schools, parks, clinics, and businesses with long-range, lightning-fast internet. Pocket Friendly. Budget-Friendly.

Our Vision

To provide unique, reliable, cost effective connectivity and digital inclusion solutions across for the digitally excluded community everywhere, anytime in Africa.

Our Mission

BeepTool mission is to provide connectivity for  the digitally excluded community in Africa.

Beeptool is dedicated to improving the lives of the digitally excluded and underserved people in remote areas of Africa by providing affordable digital inclusion services. 

The Problems we are solving

BeepTool is solving the three major problems that continuously impede  connectivity and digital  inclusion in Africa.

          1. Access to broadband connectivity and digital services 

          3. Affordability of smartphones, data and digital services 

          4. Infrastructure deficit.  

          5. Inaccessible Healthcare : ~50% of Doctors Leave Nigeria, 90% of Doctors Looking for Work Abroad, One Doctor per 22,000 in Rural Areas & Rising Cost of  Healthcare. Low Tech.

Satellite and Integrated TV White Space Technology

Affordable internet connectivity with blazing fast speeds, even in rural and remote areas.

24/7 On-Demand Telehealth & Telemedicine

Easy access to quality healthcare.


Connecting farmers to markets.


+40,000 free educational resources. An alternative to quality academic support.


Easy access to financial services.

Rural Communication

Text, voice, and video call for free.

Beeptool Made History By Becoming The First Company In The World To Successfully Complete Financial Transactions Using Nano-Satellites”

“We created Beeptool Communications and Integrated Services Ltd to support the efforts of the government and various agencies that are fighting poverty in Africa. We try to use digital technology to alleviate poverty.”

-John Enoh,

Founder  of Beeptool
Communications and Integrated Services Ltd.

Milestones achieved

● Manufactured  and distributed  5000 affordable Android  Oyi-1 smartphones to the excluded communities in  Nigeria.
● Acquired Oyi-1 smartphone type Approval, VAS, SI Major Licenses
● Acquired Oyi-1 smartphone SON certificate
● Manufactured five (5) prototypes of the BeepTool SatCom User terminal and also completed
50% of the BeepTool SatCom Network Hub Base setup connected to teleports of our Satellite partners.
● Partner with SAS, SES, Hisky, Tsat, Telesat, Ayecka, Kepler, Whizspace,  Suncupid, ViaSat, Tytocare. etc
● Integrated TV whitespace to Satcom for affordable rural connectivity