About BeepTool

BeepTool is a community of users who rely on BeepTool talk and text app to stay connected with loved ones, share files, send money instantly to bank accounts and mobile wallets, pay for goods and services, top up mobile credit worldwide in real time and conduct their businesses.

BeepTool provides integrated communications, secure payment, and money transfer in one unique solution. BeepTool is available as a mobile and desktop application for the consumer market and a customizable powerful plugin for enterprise. The plugin can be tailored to fulfil a business’s communications needs and virtual media support. BeepTool provides a full spectrum of communication and expression with Voice, Video, Text, Photos, and Data. BeepTool not only connects a user to friends and family worldwide but with international financial institutions. We are connected to a global hub of over 550+ mobile operators, utilities, and merchants in 135+ countries, making calls, text, secure payment and money transfer.

BeepTool in partnership with Sky and Space Global Ltd, UK (SAS) are integrating BeepTool app services on SAS nanosatellite grid to provide affordable communications and financial services for anyone, anywhere, anytime, especially people without cellular and internet connectivity. SAS and BeepTool demonstrated the world’s first financial transaction using nanosatellites in October 2017. The successful integration cements the partnership between Sky and Space Global and BeepTool, who will work together in the future to connect the unconnected.

We imagine a future where everyone, everywhere can connect to and share value with colleagues, friends, family, and customers at the lowest possible cost. Our fast-growing platform is the lowest-cost service for calls and messaging with financial services. Founded in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2014. BeepTool has spread across more than 50 countries. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on BeepTool to keep in touch. With interconnected financial services integrated, BeepTool is the first of its kind that empowers anyone to continue the conversation, video-chat, or text thread by topping-up a friend’s prepaid plan, BeepTool airtime credit and even local mobile calling cards wherever they are through our International mobile top-up.

Beeptool is a revolution rooted in a desire to break free from the high cost and barriers of traditional mobile communication and internet. With a passion for enriching users’ experience. We’re on a rescue mission to release users from the stronghold of carriers and do things differently by making mobile unbound and limitless. We are the voice that is powering the new generation VoIP communication worldwide.
BeepTool’s vision is to be the most secure, reliable, and convenient solution that connects people worldwide.

BeepTool mission is to provide unique integrated global services that bring real-time mobile money, bill payment, Airtime Top-up, and instant communication on a single platform with access, anywhere via desktop and mobile devices connecting users through a full spectrum of expression: Voice, Video, Text, Chat, Data, and Photos at lowest possible cost.

• Connecting the unconnected world affordably, unbound, and limitless communication

• Provide a global solution for dependable secure micropayments and money transfer platform

• Provide a full spectrum of expression with Voice, Video, Text, Photos, and Data for free, liberating global users from traditional costly GSM and wireless carrier

• Enable access via desktop, mobile, or both through cloud-based multi-device usage.

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