BeepTool Communications & Integrated Services Limited, “BeepTool” is a privately held VoIP, Instant Messaging, and Financial services venture. A fast-growing proprietary cross-platform communication VoIP and Instant Messaging presence platform developer and operator that brings networking and communications possibilities together .

BeepTool launched the communication and fintech services BeepTool app in Q4, 2014 and about three years after the successful launch, registration has topped 1,000,000 with about 30% active usage rate. BeepTool app is a cross-platform app for Android, iOS mobiles and PC.

BeepTool app, at the moment, uses internet connectivity to connect families and friends, businesses to customers, employees to each other, and businesses to businesses. The same powerful VoIP and money transfer features for individuals can be harnessed and utilized as a powerful plugin to existing CRM systems. BeepTool services can be bundled to be a Customer Success and Relationship Tool to connect sales or service associates directly with consumers.
BeepTool in collaboration with Sky and Space Global (SAS, a nano-satellite technology company) will in the next few months complete the integration of BeepTool app to SAS nano-satellite grid, after a successful bench test, to offer BeepTool services to users without internet or cellular coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa. Connectivity from mobile devices will be enabled through a nano-satellite Wi-Fi hotspot device.

BeepTool launched smartphone finance and advertising to offer the smartphone at $1 to the base of the pyramid population in Africa to eliminate device affordability and services access problems; while recovering the true cost of the device from adverts revenue. The Nano-satellites network technology will allow BeepTool to deliver affordable connectivity services to remote locations that do not have access to reliable and affordable connectivity services. The BeepTool ultimate goal is to provide affordable communications services to everyone, everywhere, everytime in Africa.

The phone calls and messages prior to transmission are encrypted and then decrypts at the communication to the recipient. BeepTool platform is a secure, encrypted and affordable internet and narrowband communications with financial inclusion services ecosystem.

Founded in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2014. BeepTool has spread across 28 Africans countries and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on BeepTool to keep in touch. With interconnected financial inclusion services and narrowband connectivity services.

Mobile communication and financial services on a single, simple to use platform – App connected with internet and narrow-band connectivity via Nano-satellite
• Affordable services
• Connection everywhere
BeepTool’s vision is to be the most secure, reliable, and convenient All-In-One affordable communication and financial inclusion ecosystem that is connecting everyone, everywhere, everytime.

BeepTool mission is to provide affordable communication and financial inclusion services to everyone, anywhere, anytime by connecting the unconnected Africans.
• Connect everyone, everywhere, everytime at an affordable cost in Africa
• Provide accessible all-in-one solution and dependable secure communications and financial inclusion services ecosystem in Africa