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19th Dec 2017
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BeepTool CIS Ltd, an African based smartphone communication and financial services app development company with over one million registered users from more than 50 countries and Social Finance Systems Ltd, a London based Fintech company have agreed to explore collaboration and launch of co-branded humanity-BeepTool $1 smartphone and $50 satellite phone and to integrate SDG Coin app with BeepTool app. The distribution of this smartphone is to increase access to communication and drive financial inclusion among the poor in Africa.

Integration of the BeepTool and SDG Coin app will allow BeepTool users purchase SDG Coin, a cryptographically secured government welfare payments system, for peer to peer payments. This ultimate goal of this collaboration is to improve the lives of the poor in Africa by providing them an affordable communication, financial services and cryptographically secured government welfare channel.

“Providing affordable communication solutions and financial inclusion for everyone especially in sub Saharan Africa is our vision, we will not stop until this is achieved. Our collaboration with Social Finance to deliver $1 humanity-BeepTool smartphone and $50 humanity –BeepTool satellite phone to our target market is yet another milestone in bringing this vision to reality. It is without doubt that millions are still left behind in the transition from the analog world to today’s digital trends especially the inner city and rural community dwellers, this solution will ensure that everyone is connected in line with our vision of affordable communication and financial inclusion for all of Africa” said Precious Ada Enoh, Chief Executive Officer of BeepTool.

BeepTool and Social Finance will be working out the technical and commercial details of this collaboration in the next few months with the official delivery of the first batch of the devices planned to hit the market sometime in Q2 of 2018.

Speaking, Michael Ige, BeepTool Chief Operating Officer, said, “BeepTool’s vision of affordable communication and financial inclusion was conceived when we were not sure of the technology that will power it but today we are right here, smart devices in the hand of the people through this collaboration and with connectivity provided, the sky truly is the lower limit”.

Further announcements will be made by BeepTool and Social Finance as we move closer to launch date of Q2, 2018.