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Integrated Satellite & TV White Space WiFi Hotpots Terminal

BeepTool is bringing satellite and Integrated TV white Space Wi-Fi hotspots to rural communities starting in Nigeria. An innovative integration of Solar powered V-SAT and TV Whitespace technology.
The solution can use as backhaul for connectivity Without barriers to offer faster and cheaper connectivity solutions from point to multi point links to cover complete Village. The integrated SuperWifi to provide remote Wifi hotspots, where the long distance is covered by the TV white Space technology. The Terminal is designed to work with the following satellite operators NigComSat, SES, ViaSat, TeleSat, Avanti, InteSat on C/Ku, ka and S Band and also in the pipeline to accept signals

Rural Community SatCom Wi-Fi Hotspot Terminal

The Beeptool SatCom Wi-Fi Hotspot Terminal is affordable and
uses existing infrastructure for its installation.
It is flexible and scales to support the required number of
terminal and connected devices.

It supports the connection of mobile devices, smartphones,
ATM’s, POS, mobile applications, IoT and so on. It also has voice
and video calling capabilities.

The terminal can be powered via solar panels, batteries,
portable generator or local power if available.

Multi-Band Integrated Satellite Terminal

A disruptive Africa-based satellite-based connectivity as a service and Integrated digital inclusion technology service provider working to design, developed and manufacture a custom and proprietary BeepTool state of the art, integrated Ka band GEO and S-band LEO terminal.
The BeepTool’s technology state of the art, integrated Ka-band GEO and S-band LEO terminal allow you to transmit and receive Video, voice, Messaging and Broadband internet data from both GEO and LEO satellites in the Ka and S-band.
BeepTool terminal is designed to meet the extremely high speeds of GEO and LEO satellites, and to perform quick handover between GEO and LEO satellites, without losing connectivity. Using GEO and LEO satellites, the terminal is a able to provide

TV White Space Broadband Radio

The BeepTool TVWS Radio is able to penetrate through walls and thick foliage. With these benefits, BeepTool TVWS Radio has a huge advantage for applications such as long-range communication, rural data communication, long-range cellular & Wi-Fi extension to rural communities, video surveillance over rural assets.
● Long-range (up to 10km)
● Built-in/external antenna for easy deployment
● Data rates up to 13.5 Mbps or 54 Mbps (with channel
● Support point-to-point & point-to-multipoint (Star)
● No need line-of-sight
● Built-in security
● Powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

TV White Space IoT Radio

TV white space Agri-tech IoT Nanosensor is designed for Agric
and Asset Internet of Things (IoT) application. This device can
communicate in any frequency range from 300 MHz to 1 GHz
covering TVWS range and beyond. Potential applications
include Precision agriculture to monitor various parameters to
improve yield and increase productivity, village lightening,
Rural banking POS, remote Asset monitoring etc.
● Data rates up to 250 kbps
● Low power consumption with deep sleep mode
● Low cost & small form factor
● Supports thousands of connections
● Suitable and Low cost for IoT applications

Outdoor Rugged Wifi Hotspot Access point

This is our rugged, outdoor access points specially designed for deploying Wi-Fi networks in harsh, outdoor conditions. They are ideal for public WiFi projects for smart cities, rural WiFi and campus WiFi projects.
This dual-band, wave-2, MU-MIMO access point delivers high quality WiFi and comes packed with features that are needed to run any sized public WiFi network.
Built on latest Qualcomm chipsets, BEEPTOOL RUGGED WI-FI ACCESS POINT provides speeds up to 1200 Mbps by utilizing both 2.4 and 5 GHz channels. The MU-MIMO technology ensures multiple devices can utilize the RF bandwidth at the same time thus significantly boosting the performance of the access point.
The access point comes in metal enclosure and 4 external fiberglass antennas for delivering powerful WiFi signal over a wide areas. Each access point can handle over 120 concurrent devices.

Abole 4G Tablet

The BeepTool’s ABOLE is a 4G/LTE and App Satellites enabled Tablet for students, teachers, schools, professionals, preachers etc. Secure, reliable, and affordable — Abole provides practical solutions to life’s everyday problems. An embedded dedicated BeepTool app turn the Abole into a SatTablet at the press of a button. This provides you with constant digital ecosystem apps service such as fintech, ehealth, aggrotech, communication, Educations, SOS etc and data connectivity as well as data transfer capabilities on the GO in area where there are no GSM or data connectivity via BeepTool Wi-Fi Hotspot Terminal.
Please be informed that the delivery of pre-ordered ABOLE-Tablet takes 6 to 7 week from pre-order date. And is based on first come first serve.

Oyi-1 Smartphone

Africa’s First Affordable Budget Android smartphone
Affordable Smartphone For Low-Income Earners.
BeepTool’s Oyi-1 affordable smartphone makes smartphone technology accessible to everyone in Nigeria and Africa. Secure, reliable, and affordable — Oyi-1 provides practical solutions to life’s everyday problems. Oyi-1 is an affordable smartphone for the rural and poor Nigerians and Africans to access digital services such as finance, telehealthcare, Agriculture, communication and educational services etc.
Please be informed that the delivery of the ordered oyi-1 smartphone is by pickup or payment for an instant shipment

Benefits all our kits offers

Efficient and Sustainable

The kits are designed to function in even the rural parts of the country. The terminals can be fixed on existing infrastructure within a 1-day.


The terminals are competitively priced, in terms of both initial capital expenses and ongoing operating costs.

Blazing fast internet speed

Our kits leverage on world-class satellites to deliver internet speeds more than any other service provider in Nigeria.

Long Range Connections

Our kits connect up to a distance of 10km from the point of installation

Home Telehealth Care Kit

 A lightweight and portable medical exam kit. The Lafiya app gives you an interface between the exam kit and your smartphone or tablet. With these tools, you can collect and send information to the Lafiya Telehealth medical Health professional from your smartphone. Your healthcare provider guides you during the exam. With tools in the exam kit, you can capture high-quality digital sounds from your heart and lungs. You also can share readings of your heart rate and body temperature, or create images and videos that show your inner ears, throat, and skin. Your healthcare provider uses this information and other details you provide to make a diagnosis and offer a treatment plan and prescription if needed. Get a complete medical exam wherever you are with Lafiya Telehealth. This electronic health care device allows you to receive on-demand physical exams via live video chat with a doctor’s office using an exam camera and a basal thermometer and otoscope, stethoscope and tongue depressor adapters. This HIPAA-secure Lafiya digital device transmits test results to an electronic health record for easy monitoring.

Walk-in Telehealth Point of Care

Turns any remote point of care location, such as employee worksites, retail clinics, schools or nursing facilities, into a comprehensive yet affordable telehealth clinic. Patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers can easily connect with a clinician or specialist for a remote examination and diagnosis or specialist consult.

Turn any location into a remote telehealth clinic. Provide remote locations such as schools, nursing homes, home care facilities, clinics, employee worksites, urgent care facilities, and pharmacies with a comprehensive, turnkey telehealth solution. Lafiya Telehealth is transforming healthcare delivery with On Demand medical exams and telehealth visits, anytime, anywhere. Delivering on the Promises

Indoor Telehealth Care Kiosk

Turn any community, village into a remote telehealth clinic for the Remote, Rural, Under-served and excluded un-health care Africans and beyond with 24/7 On-demand instant access to Lafiya telehealthcare clusters of local and international certified doctors anytime, anywhere for patients within the communities in Africa.

Integrated to All medical examination devices and clusters of certified International and domestic medical professional and local pharmacy stores across cities and rural communities in Nigeria and beyond.

Rural Community Telehealth Care Kiosk

An ultimate access point to better healthcare, using the powerful custom software platform to bring together patients and providers in convenient neighborhood locations loaded with the tools to empower healthcare professionals, making healthcare smarter, simpler and more accessible for everyone. A comprehensive healthcare delivery platform that connects patients to healthcare providers with the award-winning Lafiya station, digital medical devices and mobile applications.

A private, walk-in medical kiosk that reinvents a visit to the doctor. Patients interact with board-certified healthcare providers using high-definition videoconferencing and a suite of connected medical devices that stream biomedical

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