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BeepTool partners with Connect2U in South Africa expansion
15th Dec 2014
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BeepTool partners with Connect2U in South Africa expansion

Topups for $5 up through $30 are now available throughout South Africa and Nigeria.

Topups for $5 up through $30 are now available throughout South Africa and Nigeria.

With nearly 40,000 BeepTool users around the world, the company is expanding to offer its popular vouchers in South Africa.

Starting today, users will be able to top up at internet cafés and schools across the country, thanks to a new distribution partnership with Connect2U, a Welkom-based technology company. The vouchers are available in small denominations, including US$1, and are perfect for users who do not have a bank account.

BeepTool will also begin selling topups through Quickteller and Interswitch payment processing services. And because most ATMs in Nigeria are supported by these two companies, BeepTool topups will be available for purchase directly from the menus of ATMs across the country. Additional, BeepTool is partnering with DIDx to provide BeepTool Virtual Numbers to users so that they can make and receive calls without internet. Already, users can top up their accounts online by visiting “For low-income earners, the simple act of communication with loved ones abroad is a difficulty. Our prepaid topup cards provide access to inexpensive communication to millions,” said BeepTool founder and CEO John Enoh. “Thanks to our new partnership with Connect2U, we’re again proving our commitment to connecting people, offering our topup cards at retail locations. “Now, even if you don’t have a bank account, you can take advantage of BeepTool,” he said. “With these new partnerships, BeepTool is now closer to all Africans.” BeepTool, the low-cost talk-and-text company, has been growing steadily since it launched in August 2014. Many of the features on its free BeepTool app are available at no cost, including BeepTool-to-BeepTool talk, text and video calling. The cost to place VoIP calls to landline and mobile phones globally is significantly below the price of other talk-and-text providers and even domestic mobile service providers. Some international “BeepTool Out” rates are as low as $0.008 per minute. Additionally, just by downloading the BeepTool app, users automatically receive $1 credit. Currently, BeepTool topup cards are available at retail stores in Nigeria (Lagos state, Niger state, Nassarawa state and Abuja). Beginning today, they will be available at stores, schools and callshops operated by Connect2U across South Africa. Topup cards are available in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 and $30.