Communication services


Calls, IM and Text services

We power free audio and video calls, Instant Messaging and text between BeepTool users over internet networks and low-cost connection to mobiles and landlines. BeepTool users can fund their account to make off-net calls to mobiles and landlines. Do not worry if you cannot call with video, record the event and you can send it. Our instant messaging is secured and encrypted.

Group Calls & Chat

Our group video call is the perfect place for a get together for the family or group, with the capacity to hold up to a 100 people in a group call or chat administered or led by a group leader, the catch up is easier than ever thought. Add Friends and family in the group and let the gossip go on. Make plans, talk about group tours and yes! You can arrange audio meetings with clients in other countries.

Call through Connection

When the internet is not available or poor quality a user can make a call through connection (thru calling card access number). When Internet is available – the user is presented with an option to choose how to connect: either via VoIP or via Local access number and When Internet is not available – calls are routed through an access number by default.

International Mobile Top-Up

You can top-up friends and family prepaid phones Airtime worldwide. Trustworthy and safe Mobile Airtime Top-ups instantly with Network of 600+ mobile operators in 150+ countries. This might just be the right time to let your friends and family abroad know you really do care.

Financial Services


MicroCash Transfer

A micropayment within the BeepTool apps that allow users to transfer a small amount of money to another User’s account. BeepTool users can micro-pay (As small as $1 at a time up to a maximum of $200) each other on the platform at real-time for free. Users receive notification for successful transactions. Make someone smile today!

Mobile Money transfer

BeepTool users can transfer money to any external GSM number’s Mobile money wallets connected to BeepTool safely. Users select Mobile money providers, enter beneficiary phone number and the money will arrive within short time.

Bank account transfer

You can transfer money from your BeepTool wallet to any bank account connected to BeepTool, All banks in Nigeria are connected and we are expanding our banking connectivity, we will soon be at your doorstep!

Bill payments

Pay your bill securely to all billers connected to BeepTool, OPEN, VIEW and PAY your bills with BeepTool app. Most utility providers in Nigeria are connected and we are coming to your country!

Device as a Service (DaaS)


Oyi-1 $1 Smartphone

BeepTool will be distributing the World’s first sustainably funded $1 Smartphone that generates advertising, survey and data revenue for investors and stakeholders. These fees are used to cover the true cost of the smartphone.

BeepTool WiFi HotspotTerminal

The terminal can be install in rural areas in Africa similar to Wi-Fi routers for affordable connectivity. It will enable the occupants to make phone calls or use applications such as BeepTool, whatsapp etc. The terminal will allow any mobile device to connect to the nano-satellite network that can broadcast Wi-Fi Hotspot up to 100 Mobile devices, Work anywhere in Central, East and West Africa.

Narrowband connectivity services


Narrowband connectivity Sales

BeepTool in collaboration with Sky and Space Global is offering nano-satellites narrow-band connectivity to banks, mobile money operators, mobile apps providers and payment solution providers, large fleet companies, security companies, government agencies services, etc. to make their services available in areas with no cellular or internet access. The narrow-band connectivity services business case are more in locations where the GSM is less reliable and in locations with no GSM coverage in Africa.

Enterprise Support services

We provider Enterprise customer support solutions such as cloud virtual communications services to businesses. We also offer Wholesale Call Termination Services. Selling and buying routes from various carriers (A-Z wholesale Call termination). We help you seal a deal with a close connection with your customers!