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Introducing, BeepTool’s Most Convenient Option Yet: Prepaid TopUp With Unlimited Talk And Text
27th Nov 2014
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Introducing BeepTool’s Most Convenient Option Yet: Prepaid TopUp With Unlimited Talk And Text

BeepTool Top-up Card Are you the kind of person who likes to talk or text a lot — to the point where your phone bill is a surprise every month? BeepTool has a solution. Starting right now, you can top up your mobile phone and talk and text as much as you want, to mobile phones and landlines anywhere in the world through your free BeepTool app. That means you could be in Lagos talking to your family member in Hong Kong, London, New York — it doesn’t matter — for as long as you want. Here’s how it works. If you want to pay online, just click here and click the button at the bottom of the next screen. If you don’t have a credit card, however, there’s another option: BeepTool is selling a series of prepaid mobile VoIP TopUp cards at retail stores in Nigeria and  the Philippines. Once you’ve downloaded the free BeepTool app from the Apple Store or Google Play, you’re ready to talk and text. There are a few different pricing options for different needs. Each gives you unexpired access. If you just need to call and text around world , you can get 300 minutes for $5. OR get 750 minutes for $10. To call and text anywhere in the world and get 1,500 minutes, the cost is only $20. Or, if you prefer unfettered access to every landline and mobile phone in the world, and the ability to call and text as much as you want, the cost is only $30. One more thing. If you own a retail store, and you want information about how you can become a certified seller of our prepaid Mobile VoIP TopUp cards, just email us at Start helping BeepTool connect the world today!