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12th Feb 2016
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HOW TO MAKE TOTALLY FREE CALLS WORLDWIDE… -is it really possible? Phone bills are going up – everyone has realized that, but there are ways to lower phone bills or even eliminate them completely. We at BEEPTOOL know that most people want to save money on their phone bills and therefore we have developed a VoIP calling app that allows you to call others at a fraction of the price of using your regular phone plan and still have great quality calls. (To see how BEEPTOOL works go to ) Free online calls are made using VoIP. These calls send voice signals through the internet instead of regular phone lines and thus allow you to make free or very cheap calls. (for more information on VoIP and how it works here is a great guide With VoIP you can even make free online calls internationally, it doesn’t make a difference where you want to call, it will always be free or at a fraction of the price compared to your regular mobile phone plan. If you are one of those people wondering how to make a free online call – read on… WHO SHOULD USE VOIP? Many people are looking for an everyday solution to their high phone bills but even if you are comfortable with your regular phone plan on a day-to-day basis, there are certain times when using VoIP instead of a regular mobile phone plan is a good idea. When abroad for example, your regular phone plan provider will charge a fortune for making phone calls. If using VoIP instead, all you need is wifi or mobile data and you’re good to go! It is useful for students who are studying abroad and have a limited budget. They will benefit from VoIP as they can call friends and family in their hometown for free and still enjoy good quality calls. It is also very useful for small businesses that deal with international clients, VoIP will help them save loads of money on calls as well. So you see there are plenty of people who could benefit free online calls by using VoIP over their regular phone plans. DIFFERENT TYPES OF FREE ONLINE CALLING; If you look online for free online calling you will find hundreds if not thousands of apps and programs and it may be hard to choose. It is important to remember that they are not all the same. You may have to try out a couple until you are satisfied. The main difference will obviously be ease of use and call quality – meaning how clear the call is, if you can hear the other person and they can hear you properly, if there are any disturbances, static etc. There are three different types of free online calling apps; • App the app calling. This is the most popular type of app and this is the way BEEPTOOL works. Calls are free to all users on the same network. This is great for calling friends and family – you can just ask them to download the app as well. If you want to call a stranger, or you want to make a call for business, it is more complicated but BEEPTOOL and many other apps offer calls to other networks for a really small fee. (To find out about BEEPTOOL low call rates go to ) If you use the app for free calling and you are happy with the service, it may be worth it to top up your account on the app so you will be able to make paid costs with that app as well. In addition to calling BEEPTOOL offers services such as video calling, group chat, audio conference, sharing location and more. If these features are important to you check out what features different apps have to offer. • PC to phone calling: these programs allow you to make free VoIP calls directly from your Pc to a mobile or landline. You do not need to download any apps. They do come with limitations though; either time-wise or location-wise. Some of these programs only allow you to make free calls to certain countries and other countries need to be paid for. Other programs will only allow you to call for a certain amount of time, this can be useful if you just want to say something small and you can always ask the person you are calling to call you back. • App to phone calling: these apps will allow you to make free online calls to a mobiles and/or landlines that are not part of the same network. This type of calling also has its limitations, either time-wise or location-wise. you might only be able to call people in a certain location or for a certain amount of minutes. As with all VoIP calling it is important to note that while you may save money on your calls, your data plan might go sky-high. Check out your data allowance before you start making VoIP calls and whenever possible use Wifi or data. Another problem with VoIP calling is that they are not all suitable for calling emergency services because they some of these programs and apps cannot detect locations and send you call the right call-centre. Most people use VoIP in addition to their regular phone plans so this should not present a problem as they can call emergency services from their regular phone plan. There are however apps and services that have solutions to this problem. If you plan on using VoIP instead of a regular phone plan it is important to get an app or service that supports emergency calling. SO IS FREE ONLINE CALLING FOR YOU? Free online calling exists and will help you save money on your calls abroad but all services come with limitations. Either you both need to download the same app, or you have restricted minutes or restricted countries you can call. But it’s free! So why not use it and enjoy it FOR GREAT QUALITY FREE CALLS, WHY NOT DOWNLOAD THE BEEPTOOL APP? FREE CALLS, FREE VIDEO CALLS AND FREE MESSAGING TO ALL YOUR FRIEND IN THE BEEPTOOL COMMUNITY!!!