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Narrow-band connectivity and communication via Nano-satellites

BeepTool is spearheading the enablement of a new Nano-Satellite narrowband communications network service based on Sky and Space Global (SAS: AX) nanosatellites constellation that will provide S-band solutions for financial transactions services, messaging, voice calls, tracking, monitoring, ATMs and more in Nigeria and Africa. BeepTool has partnered with the listed company Sky and Space Global (ASX: SAS) to be one of the first operators to enable businesses and supply service over SAS Global’s Nano-Satellite network. The network will consist of 200 very small satellites which will circle the earth at an altitude of less than 800Km and will create a permanent global coverage. The frequencies that will be used for the service are in the S-band range and will enable bi-directional communication over small terminals and small antennas such as Patch Antennas, Handheld devices based on the service type. BeepTool app is integrated to Sky and Space Global nanosatellite narrowband network to offer seamless low-cost Instant messaging, text messaging, voice calls and financial transactions including, money transfer, bill payment, seed and fertilizer payment for farmers, across Nigeria and Africa with the goal improve rural access and drive financial inclusion of people living in rural Africa without cellular and internet connectivity. Users will initially purchase a cheap satellite terminal device to which they can connect multiple smartphones. BeepTool also partners with $1 smartphone maker Social Finance Systems for a cheap Humanity- BeepTool $1 smartphone and $50 Satellite smartphone with built-in satellite antennae. Making calls and sending messages and data is done over BeepTool’s proprietary app BeepTool. All Satellites communicated with each other and have a circular footprint of over 1,500 kilometers in diameter which moves all the time. The frequency range of the service is S-band which allows small antennas as a 8cm patch antenna or 18cm monopole antenna. The service then enables to connect each two locations under our footprint with a small modem and small antenna. The connectivity size for the basic modem is 100K/100K for 8cm/2W station.The Narrowband communication operates in the S-band frequency range that enables a very small device with patch antenna (8cm) or monopole antenna and low power consumption. The network of SAS is a narrow band communication network suitable for IoT, M2M, personal voice and messaging and financial applications. The full 24/7 service around the equator from 15 N to 15 S is expected to be launched at start of 2019.

The Services

The network provides services for the fast-growing narrow band applications. SAS technology enable to reduce costs, reduce latency and increase reliability for its customers. The below diagrams demonstrate the network topology for modem to modem connectivity and to connect through our gateway.

The service presents many advantages to the market:

1. Service with very small terminals 2. No installation or antenna alignment needed. Service can be received from hand-held devices 3. BeepTool-SAS is the most affordable narrowband network 4. Our network implements the minimal latency possible 5. We have store and forward solution in global coverage 6. We can integrate into services with modem-over-chip for

Below are some examples of our customer’s application

1. Mobile phone (voice calls) services 2. Text Messages and Instant Messaging (IM) application services 3. Machine to Machine (M2M) & Internet of Things(IoT) eg POS/ATM Devices 4. Mobile finance apps and other essential mobile apps service 5. Data Store and Forward services 6. Digital remote health services 7. Ad-hoc disaster and crisis areas solutions 8. Asset tracking 9. Vehicle tracking 10. Security alerts
11.Telemetry 12. Water meters and pipeline monitoring 13. Gas stations control 14. Remote stock control 15. Animal tracking 16. Emergency response 17. Fleet and Logistics Management 18. Travelers locating and emergency response 19. National electricity network monitoring
The narrow-band connectivity services are complementary to MNO’s services in areas with poor or no coverage in Africa. The narrow-band connectivity services business case are more in locations where the GSM is less reliable and in locations with no GSM coverage in Africa. The Nano-Satellites network is using low-orbit satellites that fly 740km above the ground and thus do not have latency issues like the traditional satellites (Geo-stationary) that fly at 36,000km above the earth. The Nano-Satellite latency is the shortest you can get, even form the fiber as we have only 3 nodes at every transaction over Nigeria – terminal A->Satellite->Terminal B. The theoretical latency site to site is 8ms across Nigeria (round trip 16ms). Service can save also in roaming charges with expected data rate is 4Kbits/Sec. BeepTool-SAS dedicated affordable Satellite Terminal, “Bring Your Own Device” method for simplicity of use SAS already signed a collaboration partnership agreement with BeepTool in Nigeria and other Africa countries for Financial services, tracking, Monitoring, etc and these days SAS are busy testing their applications in the lab. The current effort is to sign with customers for trials as a base for full commercial service. Contact our Sales team to connect your services to the world first network for rural area communications and financial inclusion in Africa.we will be happy to meet with you and to give you more information about our network and solution.
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