Mobile VoIP and messaging platform

BEEPTOOL is a mobile VoIP and messaging cross platform offers feature-rich international VoIP calling and messaging services to mobile devices.With crystal clear conversations, low rates and no hidden fees, it’s simple and affordable for you to stay in touch with friends and family back home. It is an all-in-one solution that enables high quality, feature-rich residential VoIP services to residential and small office/home office (SOHO) customers equipped with IP-enabled devices such as landline IP phones, IP adaptors or smartphone devices and PINless and Calling Card Solution for cost-effective international calling to virtually any destination.

Domestic/International Mobile Top Up

You can offer your customers the ability to send mobile minutes to friends and family in other countries by purchasing airtime from mobile operators in these countries. Customers find this ability attractive and useful for two reasons: Mobile Minutes: Customers’ overseas friends and family can use mobile airtime to make calls. Mobile Money Remittance: As mobile money continues to grow in developing countries, airtime based transactions provide more value than talking time.

The communication services are divided on two types:

  • ONNET –Sent to or received from BeepTool’s users, also called chat or instant messaging
  • OFFNET – paid calls and SMS to external numbers
BeepTool supports both types and in addition provides a bridge between external Calls/SMS and internal Calls and messaging.

The services offered by the platform include:


Onnet services are those realized among service users or other service network elements. The offnet communication is to external networks, i.e. the PSTN phone numbers. Users can use the services directly from the BeepTool portal, mobile apps or from 3rd party hardware voip adapters (IP phones). Visit

Simple and complete communication for your office

A business telephony system in the cloud: With BeepTool UC all it takes is a couple of minutes to start and get your office equipped with an advanced and secure IP PBX telephony system!Chat messages, voice and video calls between users are fully encrypted. PHONE SERVICE Virtual receptionist Phone numbers from 80+ countries Fax UNIFIED COMMUNICATION Messaging Video HD audio DEVICES & APPS Mobile apps Calling from Web VoIP phones Unified Communication UC can be defined as the seamless integration of voice, presence, chat, data and other technologies to improve communications, processes, and business productivity.. Mobility Employees are already bringing their tablets and smartphones to the office. They expect to be as connected at work as they are at home… Virtual Office More and more companies need to stay in touch with their customers, colleagues, and supply chain vendors. This is a perfect scenario for a virtual office with a mobile VoIP solution… Our solution includes everything you need to run a VoIP Business. From initial sales support, and installation assistance to customer maintenance. With our solution, you’re sure to have a partner there to help you in every step of the way…Make money, build your customer base, expand your footprint at existing customers, and grow your business. Our partners are our lifeblood – so you can be sure we’ll treat you well…The Private Label IP Phone system is a cloud-based communications solution that simplifies your delivery model and The Private Label Call Center is a cloud-based communications solution designed to provide contact centers of any size.. Full list of supported services: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) are technologies your SMB customers want and need, and they want UCaaS from a trusted provider. BeepTool UC is designed to provide a high degree of incentives and support for service providers, as they incorporate these services into their offerings. BeepTool UC enables the best and most efficient go-to-market strategy and business model available. BeepTool UC provides you with a complete, turnkey system that’s proven to engage and enable communication service providers to drive significant, profitable recurring revenues while increasing their margins on commoditized PSTN and IP services. There’s no hardware or software to buy, and partners can leverage BeepTool’s proven cloud-platform solution, to transform their business into a recurring revenue machine. Architecture: Multitenant architecture, one platform can be home for many enterprise domain accounts, each with their own accounts and extensions Multi-Level IVR Auto Attendants Extensions and usernames unique within an enterprise domain Support for multilevel branches/departments Multiple extensions per user account (different purpose numbers) SIP trunk support Essential telephony/PBX features: Auto Attendants Scheduled routing with time spans Ring Groups and Queuing Find me, follow me Conditional Call Forwarding (e.g. per CallerID) with personalized greetings per forwarding rule Call Transfer – blind and attended, music on hold, Call parking Do Not Disturb, also per Caller ID Calls recording Voicemail Features: Individual user voicemail boxes Voicemail to e-mail (MP3 file) Voicemail notification through SMS or PUSH Message Waiting Indicator Personalized greetings per Caller ID Shared Network Address Book: Corporate Directory Shared Address Book stored in the cloud Private lists (not visible by others) Presence and Instant Messaging: Presence server Chat and Group Chat Multimedia file sharing Other options: Greetings management DIDs, integration with API of major DID providers allowing for real time DID ordering 911 support Provisioning for SIP devices Configuring hardware VoIP phones (ATAs): At the moment, BeepTool UC supports automatic provisioning for the following devices: Yealink models Polycom If you want to configure a device with your account, just get its MAC address and put it in your profile menu in the portal. Restart your device and start making and receiving calls.

We also offer Wholesale Call Termination Services

We Do: 1. Selling and buying routes from various carriers (A-Z wholesale Call termination) 2. Terminating through our Network interconnection to PSTN network (VoIP/PSTN or SS7 gateways) 3. Selling SIP trunks 4. Selling DID/virtual phone numbers etc

BeepTool Money transfer and bill payment platform

BeepTool Money is a value sharing and money transfer services platform that interconnects all Nigeria bank accounts, Mobile wallets and billing systems to deliver instant remittance services to Nigeria by all Nigerians from any country of the world. BeepTool Money allows people to make real time money transfers from debit or credit card to Nigeria bank accounts, mobile-money wallets from all over the world to registered mobile-money users and Bank accounts in Nigeria. Our transfers are instant to bank accounts, mobile wallets and we use the latest technology to offer a robust money transfer service. BeepTool Money is the industry leader in direct value remittance including mobile airtime, electricity, education, and healthcare. BeepTool Money works directly with service providers to enable remote payment for services such as utilities, petrol, healthcare, school tuition, groceries etc. We currently deliver money and pay bills to Nigeria instantly from any country or city of the world. We will continue expanding to African markets where mobile money has taken off. To send money via BeepTool Money, apart from sending money direct to any bank account in Nigeria instantly, customers can also send money to any mobile money wallets in Nigeria and to Pay Bills such as schools, utility companies. Nigerians living in any country or city of the world with any bank account, debit card or credit card will be able to use the BeepTool Money app from any mobile phone, tablet or computer. Nigerians living outside the country or within the country will now be able to send money back home instantly and free of charge. Money transferred via the service to Nigeria is credited instantly at the destination mobile money wallet, merchant or bank account. Transfers made using BeepTool Money are credited within seconds to recipients’ bank accounts or mobile money wallets eliminating the inconvenience of queues and old school paperwork. The service will gradually be rolled out to other Africa countries. BeepTool Money provides daily locked-in exchange rates for the Nigeria Naira (NGN). The BeepTool Money app can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Android app stores or you can use it on the website directly.
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