Retail Opportunity
Through our partnership with passionate individuals and their businesses across World we make a physical connection with communities to address payment related needs. We empower our Retailers to be relevant in their communities by being the solution to customers communications and remittance needs and also help them grow their businesses.

Benefits for Retailers include : Discounts on top-up and calling cards. Cards of face value less than 5USD attracts a discount of 5%, cards of face value of 10USD, 20USD, 30 USD, 50USD, 100USD and 500USD are discounted at 10%, while those of 1000USD and above are discounted at 15%.

What do you need to become a BeepTool authorized retail store in your city?

1. Send email to requesting to join our network
2. Provide all supporting business registration documents and contacts details
2. A proof of a physical office location.
3. Pay a non-refundable security deposit of $250 to BeepTool Communications & Integrated Services Limited